The Sweetest Affair

The Sweetest Affair was born at a time when The Middle East enjoyed the golden years and celebrations were larger than life. It was a time in the 2000s where Dubai became a vibrant capital and all sought to genuinely experience the joy of life; a time of all things beautiful and luxurious, and a time when the concept of haute-couture in Gifting and Events was being born! In 2007, two childhood buddy's decided to bring about the worldwide fad of cupcakes to the Middle East. A tiny muffin paved the way to glitz and glam in all things sweet. One thing led to the other and today The Sweetest Affair runs its own stand alone store in Karachi, Pakistan; extending its services across the country and the Middle East.

Our Products

Each milestone, each relationship, every kind of bond calls for a unique celebration.

A celebration of moments and emotions that are just blooming, even celebrating those that have already blossomed. For such moments, there are luxury flower arrangements by The Floral Studio at Sweetest Affair.

The Floral Gift Box

Rs. 10,500 ~ 19,500

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The Ring Box

Rs. 5,750

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Eid Basket

Rs. 22,500

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Celebration Cake

Rs. 12,500

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In line with our haute-couture philosophy, each and every box is carefully handmade to guarantee impeccable finishing and quality. Whether it is to store your jewels or use as decoration, our boxes come in different colors and materials; the artisans are capable of personalizing every element and detail of production. Whether it is the material, size, shape, embossment, or ornaments, anything imaginable is possible!

The Sweetest Affair carefully selects the best velvet, leather, wood and silk from around the world to ensure bespoke quality and the best value.

All creation of packaging takes place in the atelier where the artisans are their own critics; with a strict work ethic, their concern for detail is demonstrated in the perfect finishing.

Best Sellers

Artisinal Chocolate Sphere

Rs. 12,500

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Flower bag

Rs. 5,750 ~ 7,500

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Luxury Leather Box

Rs. 6,500 ~ 13,900

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Celebration Bundle

Rs. 19,500

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Contact Us

Since we are a Digital Boutique it would be best if you contact us via email at In case you need to get in touch with us via phone you can call us on +923 00 22 96 555, (Business hours: Seven days a week, 11:00 am - 09:00 pm)


Custom-made bespoke flower arrangements that will exceed your expectations.
Get The Sweetest Affair flowers customized by adding patterns, symbols, letters & much more!


Corporate gifting, professional relationships, important conferences – celebrate them with the The Sweetest Affair experience. Please contact us on +923 00 22 96 555 to know more.


Weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, dinners, first dates, candlelight
getaways – the list is endless and so are the The Sweetest Affair offerings. Please contact us on +923 00 22 96 555 to know more.